Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My current art studio:

This is where I work now. It is messy. When i am in the flow it is wonderful! When I want to leave it I feel a restless-ness and i can never really take a break from work. I am in the process of creating a new studio.

First i want to acknowledge where I have been. I have been able to create a creative space where ever I go. In the worst or tightest spots i have been able to make due hunker down and deal with it. I have had studio's outdoors with no roof or protection from the elements and I have used the dinning room table and share it with 7 people.

i have had my supplies in storage for years, and I have had to work with very limited supplies. I am grateful for my success in the art field, and I appreciate the experiences that I have had that enabled me to work in difficult spaces and through difficult times.

I have loved this last space but I couldn't work in it. As my vision and creative career begain to grow so did my need for space.

I am now going on a journey. There is no end to it that I can see, but one thing i know somewhere along the line I will be creating a new work space. It will be created out of imagination, love vision, and my willingness to invest physical, mental, and emotional energy into it. Let's see what happens.


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